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There are now more ways to learn how to play the guitar than ever before. But with that great selection of courses comes a new problem: How do you identify the best online guitar lesson sites?

Separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff is no quick feat in this digital jungle. That is, unless someone’s already done the research. That’s exactly what we’ve done. And after a close look at the various sites and services on the web, we can now present you with a neat list of the best online guitar lesson sites.

Best Online Guitar Lesson Sites

There’s no one true path to guitar mastery. The best online guitar sites offer different tools and strategies to help you learn. Since we’re all different as guitarists, finding the learning system that suits your style (and your economy) is essential. Each one of the best online guitar lesson sites has its strengths and weaknesses, so let’s take a closer look at what each of them has to offer.

Guitar Tricks

Since Guitar Tricks has enjoyed 20 years among the best online guitar lesson sites, these people have got it down to a science. Their core learning system is a similar idea to the paths on Fender Play but more refined. You go from the basics to mastery in a streamlined step-by-step manner. Really, everything from guitar maintenance and sound settings to full songs and breathtaking solos gets some time in the spotlight.

You get a vast archive of song lessons all sorted to suit your current skill level and playing style. Along with the main app, you also get a few others for theory lessons and tuning and such. There’s also an option for one-on-one lessons. Although it’s a bit pricier, Guitar Tricks is a solid choice for most guitarists. For more info, read our Guitar Tricks review.

Pros of Guitar Tricks

  • Detailed lessons
  • Vast song library
  • Well-organized
  • Feature-rich
  • One-on-one lessons available

Cons of Guitar Tricks

  • Some features cost extra
  • Somewhat outdated app

Check Out Guitar Tricks

Fender Play

Launched by the probably biggest brand name in the world of guitars, Fender Play easily claims a prime spot among the best online guitar lesson sites. This service includes video lessons and high-quality guitar tabs to help you learn useful techniques, drills, and full songs. It’s straightforward and easy to use via your browser or an app.

Fender Play’s growing library of full song guitar tutorials spans everything from classics like Beatles and Nirvana to recent chart-toppers by Sia and Billie Eilish. What’s more, they break each song down into bite-size lessons. Plus, there are more than 15 teachers specializing in different styles. If you want more information, here’s an in-depth Fender Play review.

Pros of Fender Play

  • Specialized paths for different guitarists
  • Tried-and-true learning strategy
  • A big song library
  • Reasonably priced

Cons of Fender Play

  • The bare-bones approach
  • Some incomplete song lessons

Check Out Fender Play


JamPlay is another heavy-hitting mainstay among the best online guitar lesson sites and has a lot in common with Guitar Tricks. While the selection of full song lessons is smaller and more biased toward certain genres, the ace up their sleeve is a more elaborate video lesson format with more angles and playback options to give you more control over each lesson.

In addition to full song tutorials, you’ll also find lots of lessons on specific techniques, guitar maintenance, songwriting, and gear suggestions. Also, JamPlay boasts more than 100 high-level guitar teachers, together covering just about every style you can think of. Lessons come with print-ready sheet music for offline learning, and you have the option of participating in live workshops and group lessons as well. See our full JamPlay review for more.

Check Out JamPlay

Pros of JamPlay

  • So many lessons
  • Well-organized
  • Lots of great teachers
  • Elaborate video lessons
  • Live courses

Cons of JamPlay

  • Song library could be bigger
  • Some incomplete song lessons


You can’t have a list of the best online guitar lesson sites without TrueFire. With over 40,000 lessons, high-level instructors including some Grammy winners, and an interactive curriculum, it’s a very strong contender. Having all of that right in your browser or a hassle-free app on your phone or TV makes practice a breeze.

Like Guitar Tricks and JamPlay, they offer a selection of linear learning paths and interactive tabs to speed up your progress. And like the others, they have lessons for all skill levels and styles. However, it’s not the best option for absolute beginners. If you plan to keep learning for the long haul, though, this is a solid choice.

Pros of TrueFire

  • Lots and lots of lessons
  • Award-winning instructors
  • Elaborate progress system
  • Optional live classrooms

Cons of TrueFire

  • Some features cost extra
  • Some incomplete song lessons

Check Out TrueFire


yousician guitar lessons

If you’re one of the lucky few who hasn’t yet drowned in Yousician ads, let’s explain the concept. Jokes aside, this company stands out among the best online guitar lesson sites with a learning method that prioritizes fun. Instead of video lessons, you get an immersive smartphone game that works just like Guitar Hero but with a real guitar. No additional hardware is necessary.

There’s a surprisingly large and diverse selection of full songs to learn and other lessons ranging from beginner level to advanced classical songs and shredding sessions. There are also weekly challenges and a gamified progress tracking system to keep you motivated to improve. The main downside is that you don’t get direct instructions from a person on screen except for the very basics.

Pros of Yousician

  • Makes learning very fun
  • Lots of songs to learn
  • Something for all skill levels
  • Affordable

Cons of Yousician

  • Annoying subscription system
  • Not great for learning advanced techniques

Artist Works

artist works guitar lessons

Although not as well-known as some of the other options, Artist works definitely deserves a spot among the best online guitar lesson sites. It’s similar to JamPlay and Guitar Tricks, but it has more of a music school feel to it.

Rather than churning out thousands of lessons, they focus on comprehensive courses with attention to detail. However, there are still hundreds of lessons in many styles and different guitar types.

There are lessons for every skill level, taught by excellent teachers including some familiar names like the lightning-fast Paul Gilbert. But even cooler than the loopable video lessons and notation is the fact that you can get personal feedback on your playing from teachers and other students if you wish. This feature alone makes Artist Works a worthy candidate among the best online guitar lesson sites, and that’s just one part of it.

Artist Works Pros

  • Carefully crafted courses
  • Great teachers giving feedback
  • Nice online classroom feel

Artist Works Cons

  • Fewer lessons
  • No clear progression system


takelessons.com guitar lessons

Ok, TakeLessons isn’t a guitar-specific site. Regardless, it’s still one of the best places to learn guitar online. And the best part is that you get custom one-on-one lessons from a teacher of your choosing, giving you a selection of price ranges and even languages spoken.

In other words, you learn at your pace and get advice specific to your current ability. It’s easier to learn with someone who can spot your technique and help you avoid mistakes. Of course, this means a higher price and a tighter schedule, but it can be well worth it if you’re serious about improving your guitar skills.

TakeLessons.com Pros

  • One-on-one lessons
  • Many tutors available
  • Not subscription-based

TakeLessons.com Cons

  • No fixed lessons
  • No clear system of progression

Best Guitar Lesson YouTube Channels

Of course, there’s also a wealth of guitar tutorials on YouTube – and some of them are actually great. Sure, you can’t get the same quality guarantee and abundance of lessons from a YouTuber as you would from the best online guitar lesson sites we mentioned, but there are some great channels.

Now, the main hurdle is separating the good teachers from the plethora of people who may teach you bad form and incorrect methods. And of course, not every guitar lesson YouTube channel suits your style and skill level. But don’t worry, we’ve picked out some of the best guitar lesson YouTube channels that you should check out.

Justin Sandercoe

Here’s one of the most renowned guitar lesson YouTube channels and it may be the closest thing to a traditional guitar school on YouTube. Justin offers nicely paced, beginner-friendly lessons with lots of friendly tips from his many years as a guitarist. Some of his videos also feature live students, so you get that back-and-forth that lets you troubleshoot and avoid mistakes before they become problems.

You can learn a lot from Justin. Not only do you get full song tutorials and technique lessons – he’ll also teach you how to record, how to perform on stage, and more of these often-overlooked aspects of a guitarist’s journey. This channel is best suited for beginners and intermediate guitarists although some advanced lessons are also available.

Justin Sandercoe Pros

  • Lots of lessons
  • Nicely structured lessons
  • Thorough instructions
  • Wide style coverage
  • Videos with students

Justin Sandercoe Cons

  • Jack of all trades approach
  • Not much for advanced guitarists

Check out Justin’s channel.

Paul Davids

Paul Davids has a slightly different approach to guitar teaching. While he does have some full song lessons covering diverse genres, most of his videos focus on tricks and techniques and general improvement. You’ll also find tips and corrections for commonly misplayed riffs, as well as lists of suggested songs to learn for each skill level. It’s all high-quality, thorough, and brimming with passion for guitar playing.

Not all of his videos are proper lessons, though. You’ll also find lots of guitar history, song analysis videos, and such. Very interesting stuff, but it may not be ideal for those who are easily distracted and want to focus on learning at a rapid pace. Most lessons are for intermediate guitarists, but there’s something for novices and experienced guitarists as well.

Paul Davids Pros

  • Very practical approach
  • Versatile techniques
  • Useful often-overlooked advice

Paul Davids Cons

  • Quite fast-paced
  • Not very structured

Check out Paul’s channel

Marty Schwartz

If you’re looking for a channel with lots of high-quality guitar lessons presented in a fun and friendly format, Marty’s channel is worth a visit. What’s cool here is that you can learn classics of various genres all the way from the ‘50s till today, even meme songs and tracks from TV shows. Also, lessons range from beginner-level to fairly advanced stuff.

Everything from tuning and using a capo to playing emotive licks and throwing in embellishments among chords is only a click away. So, whether you’re looking to learn some campfire classics or improve your jamming skills, Marty’s channel is a nice place to learn.

Marty Schwartz Pros

  • Great selection of lessons
  • A fun approach to learning
  • Lots of information

Marty Schwartz Cons

  • No clear difficulty curve
  • Spread a bit thin

Visit Marty’s Channel

Guthrie Trapp

While the previous teachers are of the generalist variety, Guthrie has more specialized expertise. Most of his videos are all about country and blues guitar, although you can also find tips for styles such as funk and latino. Rather than full song tutorials, Guthrie teaches you the techniques and tricks that make these genres so enjoyable.

You’ll learn the scales, chord voicings, embellishments, and general rhythm play that define a master of Nashville-style guitar play. He teaches at a nice pace with simple yet thorough explanations, making his channel a great choice for new and intermediate guitarists alike. However, it’s not the place to go if you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or if you want shredding lessons.

Guthrie Trapp Pros

  • Deep expertise in American roots music
  • Performance and jam-oriented
  • Very approachable teaching style

Guthrie Trapp Cons

  • Too niche for some
  • Mostly intermediate-level lessons

Visit Guthrie’s Channel

Brett Papa

If you’re mad about rock, you’ll probably want to subscribe to this channel. While Brett also covers a fair amount of blues, country, and metal, it all ties back into the art of rock guitar mastery. Everything from playing techniques and styles to famous solos and songs broken down into bite-size chunks is there. Plus, there’s plenty of hardware tips and gear reviews.

Brett’s videos are suitable for all skill levels, except possibly for complete beginners. He’s got tons of videos, teaching at an approachable pace with solid explanations. Also, there are guest teachers at times, including the aforementioned Guthrie Trapp. So, if you’re an aspiring rock guitarist, this channel is worth a closer look.

Brett Papa Pros

  • Lots of lessons
  • Very practical approach
  • Covers most bases
  • Lots of deep dives

Brett Papa Cons

  • No clear difficulty curve
  • Mostly intermediate-level lessons

Visit Brett’s Channel

Ben Eller

Last but not least, here’s something for the metalheads and aspiring shredders. Ben’s channel is chock full of tutorials on legendary riffs, solos, and full songs by all kinds of hard and heavy bands. Plus, he’ll help you figure out what gear and settings you need to get your ideal crunchy chugs. Whether you’re into old-school heavy metal thunder, cutting-edge Djent trickery, or anything in between, Ben’s got lessons on it.

While his passion for all things metal is always present, many of his lessons are just as useful for lead players of most genres. When it comes to scales, soloing, and theory, Ben is definitely someone you’ll want to check out. And if you’re all about heavy music and hating your step-dad, this may very well be your go-to channel.

Ben Eller Pros

  • Very detailed lessons
  • Plenty of advanced lessons
  • Fun and hands-on theory lessons
  • Lots of technique advice

Ben Eller Cons

  • Not very structured
  • Some unrelated clickbait videos

Visit Ben’s Channel

The Bottom Line

Improving your guitar skills should be fun, and progress should be easy to notice. And that’s always easier to achieve with good teachers. While free tabs and YouTube lessons do help a lot, nothing compares to proper lessons. If you’re serious about learning guitar, investing in guitar lessons is in your best interest. There’s just so much you can’t learn simply by watching someone play.

Now that you’re familiar with the best online guitar lesson sites, you’re one step closer to guitar mastery. I highly recommend that you check out your top choices a bit closer. Most have free trials to give you a feel for how it works before you commit.

As always, thank you for reading, and good luck on your guitar journey.