Ever felt like your acoustic guitar could do more?

Like, way more?

Strumming chords and fingerpicking melodies are cool, but what if you could do both simultaneously? Throw in some drum sounds, maybe even some rapping. That’s fingerstyle guitar, my friend. It’s like turning your six-string into a one-man band capable of some seriously mind-bending stuff.

What is fingerstyle guitar you might ask? Fingerstyle lets you play multiple parts on the guitar at the same time. You can have a sweet melody going, a bass line thumping in the background, and even a little rhythm section, keeping things groovy – all with just your fingers!

Pretty cool, right?

If you’re curious to explore this world of fingerstyle awesomeness, then you’re in the right place! Today, we’re checking out five modern fingerstyle guitarists who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the instrument.

A quote from his website: 

“Alexandr Misko is a modern fingerstyle guitar prodigy who mesmerizes audiences worldwide. His music bridges the old and new, captivating millions online.”  

And isn’t it the truth?  

Alexandr Misko is a 26-year-old Russian guitarist who made his first break on YouTube in 2015 with his original composition, “Guitar + Pen Tapping Song.” Ever since then, Alexandr has been captivating audiences online with his arrangements of “Careless Whisper”, “Billie Jean”, “Africa”, and more.  

Why you need to see Alexandr Misko: 

Alexandr’s most unique technique is using the tuning pegs while playing a song. In the above version of “Careless Whisper”, he turns the tuning pegs to emulate the sound of the saxophone. 

In another video, he plays chords, uses the guitar as a percussion instrument, and then raps a few Eminem songs simultaneously.  

EMINEM on One Guitar + Vocals (Alexandr Misko)

Where you can find Alexandr Misko: 

Alexandr Misko currently has six albums, which can be found on Spotify, where he has 48,000 listeners monthly.  He is continuously touring the world, bringing his unique play style to be appreciated by many music lovers on a global scale.  


Marcin Patrzalek

The incredible Marcin Patrzalek is a Polish guitarist, composer, and producer who accomplished all of this by the age of 23.  

Marcin is well known on the internet for his percussive fingerstyle techniques and orchestral productions.  His showmanship is one of the things that stands out about his performance style on America’s Got Talent.  

Although he did not win, Marcin advanced to the live shows round and was able to amass a dedicated audience and bring his talent to millions across America and the world.  

Why you need to see Marcin Patrzalek:  

Marcin’s arranging ability is truly second to none.  

His arrangements of “Asturias” and Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” maintain the essence of the original while adding flair and excitement. He combines all the percussive techniques to create something familiar and unique.

But it isn’t just what he plays on his guitar. 

It is also how he performs on stage.  A typical fingerstyle guitarist stands there and lets the music be the focus of their performance, but Marcin becomes the show.  It is a large part of why he captured the hearts of so many during his time on AGT.  

Where you can find Marcin Patrzalek: 

While he has no albums, you can find his many renditions of timeless classical pieces, such as “Moonlight Sonata”, on Spotify, where he has 151,000 monthly listeners. Marcin tours globally, and you can find more information on his website.  


Andy McKee

If you were around at the beginning of YouTube in 2006, you might remember a video circulating with a guitarist unconventionally playing his guitar.  

His fretting hand (left hand) was over the top of the guitar neck instead of underneath, and he used his left hand to play percussion on the top of his guitar body.  That song was “Drifting”; the guitar player was Andy McKee, which was many music lovers’ first introduction to the fingerstyle genre.  

That video became a viral hit and, to this day, has garnered 60 million views and continues to wow audiences with his guitar style.  

Why you need to see Andy McKee:

Andy McKee may have been many guitarists’ first introduction to the fingerstyle genre.  He used many techniques, such as slapping, tapping, and harmonics, as well as the different ways he played percussion on the guitar’s body.  

Alternate guitar tunings, baritone guitars, and harp guitars are a staple of his guitar playing.  

Andy McKee was a huge fan of 80s music and arranged several classics, including Toto’s “Africa” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”  

Where you can find Andy McKee:

Though not as busy as the younger guitar players on this list, Andy recently released an album called “Symbol” in 2021. He also plays the occasional local concert in the US. Andy McKee offers guitar lessons that the others don’t through TrueFire.com.  


Luca Stricagnoli

Luca Stricagnoli is an acoustic guitar virtuoso from Italy.  

He studied classical guitar from the ages of 10 to 16. His friends then showed him a YouTube video of Andy McKee, forever changing how he viewed the acoustic guitar and how it could be played.  He began on a self-taught journey of learning fingerstyle online, studying the techniques of his idols.  

Luca composed an arrangement based on the song “The Gael” from the movie “The Last of the Mohicans” and was invited to join Candyrat Records, the legendary Fingerstyle record label.  

On his second album, Luca incorporated many different unorthodox techniques and ideas.  One of these ideas features a reverse triple guitar neck (you can see it in action in the above video), which helped his popularity explode on the internet.

Why you need to see Luca Stricagnoli: 

Luca Stricagnoli is one of the most surprising and innovative guitarists of the modern age. Revolutionary ideas such as the reverse triple guitar featured on his second album, the reverse slide neck, and the guitar ring are just some of the things you need to see from this player.  

Beyond Luca’s groundbreaking techniques, his arrangements of songs are simply mind-bending. Prepare to have your expectations shattered as he plays renditions that will leave you thinking, “I never imagined this song could be played like that.”  

Where you can find Luca Stricagnoli:

Luca Stricagnoli has four albums, with the last one, Unseen, being released in 2022.  Currently, he is touring North America, playing both in the US and in Canada.  He has the usual social media accounts, including YouTube and Instagram, and his music can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.


Mike Dawes

Known for his compositions and arranging techniques, Mike Dawes is one of today’s premier fingerstyle guitar players.  From 2008 to 2011, Mike Dawes performed at concerts and festivals throughout the UK.  Some of the shows included playing alongside another fingerstyle master, Tommy Emmanuel.  

In 2012, after being signed with Candyrat Records, he arranged his version of the song “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye.  The video and arrangement captured the attention of millions of people online, and is known today as one of the most creative fingerstyle guitarists in the modern era.   

Why you need to Mike Dawes:

All it takes is one look at one of his many modern music arrangements, and you’ll see why Mike Dawes deserves a spot on this list. His creativity and style are unmatched in today’s world.  

Like Marcin Patrzalek, it isn’t only his arrangements of modern music that are incredible, but also his stage presence that makes watching his live shows worth it.  

Where you can find Mike Dawes:

Mike Dawes has three studio albums, the last one released in 2022—Accomplice Series Vol. 3 with Tommy Emmanuel. He seems to be always on tour, with shows coming up all over Europe. He has a YouTube channel with 312k subscribers and can be found on popular streaming platforms Spotify and Apple Music.   


So there you have it!  

These five fingerstyle guitarists are just a taste of the incredible talent that exists in this world.  From mind-bending arrangements to innovative techniques, they’re pushing the boundaries of what the acoustic guitar can do.  If you want to expand your musical horizons and be amazed, immerse yourself in the world of fingerstyle guitar. You won’t be disappointed!