Today we’ll be exploring the best single-coil pickups on the market. The single-coil is one of the two most popular pickup types in all of guitar playing along with the humbucker.

It was the first pickup prototype developed in the mid-1920’s and rose to popularity under Gibson’s legendary P-90 single coil. Then exploded on the scene as Fender Stratocaster rose to popularity.

Single-coils have been a long lasting staple in this industry. Guitars would not be where they are today and never would’ve had the rise they did without the single-coil. Companies are still—almost 200 years later—are still striving to improve on this technology.

Single-coils really mean something to guitar players. There is a process to creating a sound, a tone. It meets halfway in between art and science. Every turn of the wiring or the magnet position will alter your tone.

It’s a very personal thing, building your guitar to fit you. Single-coils are the best for some and they’ll never play anything else.

Fender Tex-Mex Single Coil Pickups

The Fender Tex-Mex pickups are a blues player’s best friend. They offer increased output with a bright tone clean or distorted. They offer a deep, warm bass tone to complement the searing tone of a strat. These pickups are extremely versatile for any type of player, but these would be more geared for a classic or hard rock player and blues players.

The Fender Tex-mex pickups use an Alnico magnet. They’re overwound so you can get the most out of them, with reverse polarity to minimize any hum or buzz that single-coils can be prone to. These pickups start at just under $100. Here’s a video of what they sound like clean.

Fender Tex-Mex Telecaster Single-Coil Pickups - Set of 2
  • Set of two single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • Overwound for tight, clear bass, crisp highs and maximum output
  • Alnico 5 magnets

Seymour Duncan 11205-02 SHR-1b Hot Rails

As we previously stated, the single-coil pickups is an industry standard. Normally, Electric guitars will have a single-coil or a humbucker pickup. Humbuckers were created after the single-coil in order to eliminate the buzz and hum from within the pickup at the expense of the kick.

This Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup brings all the thickness from a humbucker to a single-coil pickup. It produces a heck of an output and has a crunchy tone that’s great for rock players. These pickups are best for rock and blues players.

Here is a great video of a guy shredding

Seymour Duncan SHR-1b Hot Rails Strat Pickup - Black Bridge
  • High-output Bridge Humbucker in a Single-coil Sized Pickup f Strat-style Guitars - Black
  • Full sound that?s needed for playing heavier rock music^This pickup responds to the subtlest finger...
  • The two thin blades with powerful coil windings give you the incredible sustain and a fat

Musiclily Guitar Single Coil Tele Bridge Pickup

Now we’re on the more cost conscious end of the spectrum. At just under $20, these pickups are something you can take a chance on. They are designed for a Fender Telecaster, but reviewers are generally happy with the product.

There’s no unwanted buzz or hum on these after playing them on multiple guitars. This might be a difficult pickup to configure if you are not familiar with installing guitar hardware.

Musiclily Vintage Single Coil Pickup Tele Bridge Pickups for Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Parts, Black
  • Fits Most Tele Style Guitar bridge position
  • Ceramic Magnet,String Spacing is 52mm
  • PVC coated magent wire,Crisp, vintage-informed tone

DiMarzio ISCV2 Evolution

These DiMarizio pickups are usually sold in a set in association with a DiMarzio Neck and bridge pickups. Usually, this consists of an H-S-S system (Humbucker- Single- Single) on an Ibanez or a guitar of that nature. They are extremely versatile, often having 5 possible positions and tones for a wide selection of sounds.

The ISCV2 Evolution comes with schematics explaining how to wire and properly set the pickups.

Here is a video showcasing the tones you can get when you combine this pickup with their bridge and neck pickups.

DiMarzio Pickup (ISCV2BK)
  • The DiMarzio ISCV2 Evolution Single Coil Pickup is specifically designed for use with DiMarzio...
  • When the 5-way switch is in the 1 or 5 position, you hear the neck or bridge humbucker
  • When played in the 2 or 4 position, the middle single-coil combines in parallel with one coil of...

Fender Fat ’50s Strat Pickup Set

These are the quintessential classic Fender pickups. For the longest time Fender has been a staple and leader in this industry and for good reason. The genetic make-up of these pickups is a huge part of why Fender was able to become the esteemed brand they are today.

These pickups are on the premium end of the spectrum.

Some highlights are these pickups give the exact stylish, bluesy sound that most guitarists dream of. Think Stevie Ray Vaughan or some of the other texas-blues legends, these pickups are perfect for that sound.

The video below really showcases the great tones these pickups can produce.

Fender Custom Shop Fat '50s Stratocaster® Pickups, White
  • Formvar magnet wire
  • Reverse-wound middle pickup
  • The middle pickups is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum canceling in positions 2 & 4.

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Pickups

These are the pickups that I personally have in my Japanese strat. They have a great clean sound, and through the gain channel they sound great. They are hot enough to hit pinch harmonics with. But don’t just take my word for it.

If there’s one person to trust the signature model of, it’s Eric Johnson. Through a painstaking trial and error process, EJ has developed completely customized pickups that are exactly what he envisioned. EJ stresses the importance of balance in the electronics of guitars.

He worked closely with one of the head researchers at Fender to have pickups that can play clean/ jazz style and then have some grit and bite to them as well. The reviewers are very pleased with this product on multiple different online retailers. It seems that these pickups have flown underneath the radar thus far, despite people loving them. Have a listen in the video below.

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Pickups, Set of 3
  • Set of 3 single-coil pickups designed in collaboration with world renowned guitarist Eric Johnson
  • Hotter output bridge pickup than vintage-style pickups
  • Highly dynamic, and balanced output for maximum versatility of creative expression

Lace Sensor Blue-Silver-Red S-S-S Pickup Set

This Lace Sensor pack of Single Coil pickups might be the best reviewed item I’ve come across. This pack offers 3 astounding pickups, all for under $200. They are extremely aesthetically pleasing, featuring a red, white and blue color scheme. The blue pickup emulates for 50’s humbucker, the silver aims for the 70’s and the bridge satisfies that fat, punch humbucker sound that is so often required in guitar playing. The red holds the biggest output of the bunch, ready to wail when you are. These pickups come with a CD detailing the installation process as well as diagrams and Lace Sensors guitar catalog.

Lace Sensor Blue-Silver-Red 3-Pack S-S-S Pickup Set Black
  • Includes 3" mini data CD with color wiring diagrams
  • Silver: fat '70s single-coil sound with increased output and midrange
  • Red: hottest Sensor output, perfect at the bridge for fat, punchy humbucker-like output

DiMarzio DP419 Area 67 Pickup – White

The biggest drawback or limiting factor of single coil pickups is the hum, by creating such a bright and clean tone, the pickups would naturally attract a bit of buzz through the electronics. Jimi Hendrix was the figurehead for the Fender Stratocaster, which exclusively uses single coils. Ever since the late 60’s, players have wanted that single-coil sound but without the drawback. Using patented technology, DiMarzio has achieved this task. These pickups have achieved a 5 star rating with almost every online retailer. Reviewers say these pickups are the way of the future, all the brightness with none of the fragility. These Area 67’s are available in numerous different colors and they are readily available for under $80.

Seymour Duncan SL591 Little 59 White Bridge Strat Pickup

The Seymour Duncan SL591 is a great perfect for any suitable guitar. These are utilitarian pickups that do nearly any job asked of them. So far, we have specialized in hard rock set ups. These pickups can do it all, and do it all extremely well. Jazz, funk, country players will all be happy with the clean tones these help produce. The SL591 is highly rated across the internet. Reviewers say these pickups are a breeze to install and have the fullest humbucker-esque sound on the market. They are available for under $90 from selected online retailers.

Seymour Duncan SL59-1 Little 59 Humbucker Strat Pickup - White Bridge
  • Single-coil-sized Humbucking P.A.F. Bridge Pickup f Strat-style Guitars - White

Seymour Duncan California ’50s Strat Pickup Set

These Cali 50’s pickups are designed for the class Fender tone. They promise to hold the bouncy, light tone that made Fender who they are today. They’re designed with Alnico 5 magnets and wound to perfection to get every tone of the spectrum.

The treble has the clean and bright sounds that every player looks for. Reviewers say the description and pictures don’t fit the bill. These pickups are every bit as epic as one would hope. Some call them the best Strat (single-coil) pickups to ever be designed. 

Seymour Duncan SSL-1 California 50 S Strat Pickup Set - Set Of 3
  • Set of 3 x Single-coil Strat Style Electric Guitar Pickups with H-ground Alnico V Magnets H-wound...

DiMarzio DP 218

The DiMarzio DP 218 Super Distortion is a pick-up designed to match the raw power of a humbucker. The DP 218 is a perfect, smaller fit for a stratocaster or any comparable guitar. DiMarzio, Fender and Seymour Duncan all contribute to create a fuller, more powerful sound for guitars that are traditionally thinner and lighter.

It will give you a fatter sound, which fender players often crave. The DP 218 is available for under $100 and will fatten up the bridge pick-up like no other. Reviewers love the pickup and the tone it allows them to have but still say that it’s not exactly like a humbucker, which is to be expected.

DiMarzio Pickup (DP218-BK)
  • Output: 325
  • Treble 5.0 / Middle 7.5 / Base 8.0
  • Magnet: Ceramic

Fender Vintage Noiseless

To end on a great note, the Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups are the ticket. These are cutting edge pickups made with the best tech available. The Vintage is crafted from Alnico 5 magnets and enamel coated magnet wire to produce a crystal clear and bright sound that every Strat player dreams about. No hum, no nothing.

I’m shocked with how full these beauties sound. These may even be the best pickups ever made for a Fender. These pickups are at a premium price, but worth every penny.

Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster Pickups Set White, 3 Pickups
  • [Sonic Characteristics] Single coil tone without the hum! Vintage Noiseless Strat pickups produce...
  • [Construction] These pickups feature special beveled edge Alnico 5 magnets and enamel-coated magnet...
  • DC Resistance: 9.8K, Inductance: 3.0 Henries

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