Fender Precision Bass guitar was manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Company and is widely considered to be one of best guitars in its category.

It is a solid body, four stringed instruments which comes with a single split-coil humbucking pickup. While its original pickups offer superb performance, if you are looking to replace them there are several options available in the market.

DiMarzio Model P DP122K

These high power pickups are ideally suitable for people who are looking for sounds with robust edge and some mid-range growl. These are one of the most powerful Fender Precision Bass pickups around. Despite their emphasis on power, these pickups offer clear and crisp sounds.

DiMarzio Model P DP122K comes with a ceramic magnet which maximizes the output. This configuration also provides precise signal reproduction, irrespective of the dynamic level.

This two-piece pickup has hum-cancelling feature to provide you with clear sounds. You can also strum bass with solid tones, without hampering bottom end power. You can also mix and match this pickup with others to play diverse tones.

DIMARZIO dp122bk Pickup
  • Model P Black
  • 4 Conductors
  • Ceramic magnet

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup

These pickups provide you solid performance without sacrificing quality. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup comes with large diameter Alnico 5 magnets. This configuration enhances the magnetic field and helps you play on extended frequency range.

The pickups have vacuum wax potted poles so that there is no distortion, no matter what the dynamic level is. The pole pieces have quarter inch diameter to allow fat and punchy sounds.

These pickups are ideally suitable for heavy rock music but also possess high versatility to suit other music genres as well. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup is hand crafted and comes with Forbon flatwork.

Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup - High Output Pickup for Classic and Hard Rock, Grunge, Metal, and Punk
  • Massive Tone Upgrade - Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup delivers a fat, punchy sound...
  • Versatile Performance - Perfect for heavy rock, classic rock, punk, metal, or any style. Install...
  • High Output Power - Alnico 5 magnets and high-output coil wind ensure maximum tone, attitude, and...

Fender Custom ’62

The design of this pickup is heavily influenced by the original 1962 bass pickups manufactured by Fender. The pickup comes with enamel coated magnet wire for delivering a balanced tone. Its flush mounted Alnico V magnets further enhance the performance of this pickup. Fender Custom ’62 is designed to offer you relatively brighter tones and clearer sounds.

If you tend to mix up several techniques, then these pickups are designed as Fender Custom ’62 can not only withstand the onslaught but also manages to keep all the lines clear and precise. These pickups provide a whole new level of subtlety and sophistication to your music with its superior performance.

Fender Custom Shop '62 P Bass Pickups
  • Flush-mount alnico 5 magnets
  • Enamel-coated magnet wire and cloth-covered output wires
  • Deliver the full, booming lows, punchy midrange and clear high end of the bass that started it all

EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass

EMG developed this pickup in collaboration with celebrated artist Geezer Butler and the influence of both the pioneers is visible in this pickup’s performance. The pickup is especially designed for producing classic bass tones. However, EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass is versatile enough to provide you with a wide range of outputs.

The collaboration resulted in providing modern touches to EMG’s core pickup design. EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass pickups are solderless and come with Alnico 5 pole pieces.

Its coils are custom wound to provide you with the right kind of punch. Their design also ensures that you get hum free and distortion free sounds, no matter how high the tempo is. The pickup is suitable for both concerts as well as practice setups.

EMG Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Guitar Pickup Set
  • Geezer Butler signature bass pickup set
  • Passive pickup with a vintage tone
  • Features Alnico V pole pieces and custom wound coils for just the right amount of punch and grit

Bartolini 8S

This Fender Precision Bass pickup replacement is known for its deep tone output. These are original series bass pickups and feature passive designs. The pickups are cast in epoxy to ensure that there is no unwarranted feedback.

The absence of microphonics allows you to produce crisp sounds. Bartolini 8S pickups are recommended to enrich your P-style bass with deeper and smoother tones. The pickups also produce noticeable lows and low mids, adding more flair to your music.

The two pickups in the pair overlap each by 19mm to provide unique output. The pickups are priced to suit most budgets, giving you the best bang for your buck.

These pickups are suitable for different music and ambience styles and you can pick the one which best meets your requirements. These guitars have been used by illustrated artists such as Roger Waters, Sting, and Dusty Hill. With these replacement pickups, you can customize your guitar as per your signature style.

Bartolini 8S Precision P-Bass 4-String Replacement Pickup NEW
  • Replacement for Fender Precision Bass
  • Fits most 4 String P Basses
  • Single Coil 4-String P-Bass Pickup Set

Fender Precision Bass Guitar: A Brief History

Fender Precision Bass guitar was the first of its kind to gain mass approval. It remains one of the best-selling electric basses on the scene. The guitar uses frets to make the instrument more user-friendly. Fender Precision Bass guitar was subsequently adapted by several music legends. The guitar’s design has been refined several times since then, but it has retained the core design.

The original Fender Precision Bass guitar featured a single coil pick up, which was later replaced by a split-coil design, which is still being used. This split coil design featured staggered polepieces which were connected in a humbucking mode.

The PJ configuration of the guitar featured one split-coil humbucker and one Jazz Bass single-coil pickup. For a considerable period of time, the guitar came with one split coil humbucker and one humbucking Jazz bass pickup.

Fender Precision Bass guitars have made use of several other types of pickups such as single coil pickups, single split coil pickups, and Lance Sensor pickups.

The guitars, at one time came with S-1 switching system which allowed the pickups to be laid in parallel mode, instead of series mode. This allowed for wider tonal range. The current range of Fender Precision Bass guitars comes with a split-coil pickup which also has a hum-cancelling feature. Fender makes these guitars in different variants, which, apart from other differences, feature different types of pickups.

Fender has introduced several special edition guitars such as America Delux 5 string model which was outfitted with a split-coil neck pickup while Series 50s P Bass came with a 1 ply gold anodized pickguard and a split coil pickup.

You can customize the performance of your Precision Bass guitar by swapping out its standard pickups. So, if you are in the market for replacement pickups then here are some of top Fender Precision Bass pickups.

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