Fender Jazz Bass or J Bass, as it is popularly known, was the second model of electric bass created by Leo Fender. This guitar is designed to provide tones which have brighter midrange and clearer treble.

Fender Jazz Bass guitar (probably known real well by Lisa Simpson since she loved jazz music!) also offers more focused tone, making it an instrument which deserves to be under the spotlight and is not relegated to the background. The guitar is highly sought after by progressive rock, blues, and funk musicians. Furthermore, Fender Jazz Bass is also a natural choice for jazz fusion, heavy metal, and reggae music.

Fender Jazz Bass guitar was first introduced in 1960. It is outfitted with two single coil pickups with two pole pieces per string, making it possible for the instrument to churn out robust treble sound.

The guitar also has neck which is significantly narrower at the nut than that of the Fender Precision Bass. However, the design of Fender Jazz Bass has undergone several changes since then.

For a limited period of time, these guitars came with the S-1 Switch, which allowed the pickups to operate in standard, parallel wiring, or series wiring. Since 2012, Fender American Standard Jazz Bass comes with Custom Shop 1960s Jazz Bass pickups.

You can improve your Fender Jazz Bass guitar by replacing its stock pickups. Here are some of the top replacement Fender Jazz Bass guitar pickups available in the market. These pickups are designed to meet different music styles and varied budgets, so that you can pick the one which best suits your requirements:

Lindy Fralin 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set

Lindy Fralin 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set

This pickup set is designed to give you a loud and clear output. As the name suggests, it can be used for replacing stock 4 string Jazz Bass pickup. The pickups are hand crafted and adhere to set standards of precision and workmanship. It has several variations available where you can pick the right neck and bridge output size.

You also get to choose the pickup cover color from white, black, and cream color options. Additionally, it is also available with raised center pole piece magnets on the bridge. Lindy Fralin 4 String Jazz Bass pickups are especially suitable for striking the string balance on fingerboards. However, you should keep in mind that this version does not work with the guitars which have a flat fingerboard.

The pickup comes equipped with Alnico V magnets to provide superior performance. It also features 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire, which is hand-wound as per vintage specifications. The pickup is 91 mm in length while its width is 19 mm.

Lindy Fralin 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set
  • 4 String Pickup Set includes Neck (short) and Bridge (long) PickupsDirect Replacement for American...

Seymour Duncan SJB3 Quarter Pound Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup

Seymour Duncan SJB-3 Quarter Pound J-Bass Pickup - Black Bridge

This pickup gives you superior sound quality at reasonable price, making sure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. The pickup features a single coil and produces punchy sounds.

Its quarter inch pole pieces are encased in bobbins which are wound to perfection. This alignment gives you a wide range of sounds across the frequency spectrum.

The Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Bridge Pickup is especially designed for providing a stronger attack and a superb sustain. The pickup is designed for a bridge position but may be combined with a neck position pickup for producing clear and hum-canceling output.

This passive pickup is outfitted with Alnico magnets and is suitable for different types of music genres. Seymour Duncan SJB3 Quarter Pound Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup is especially popular in the heavy rock, classic rock, and blues players’ realm. It is also highly recommended for nu-metal and garage music. The pickup is available in aesthetically pleasing black color.

Seymour Duncan SJB-3 Quarter Pound J-Bass Pickup - Black Bridge
  • Bridge-position Single-coil Pickup f Jazz Bass - Black

Fender Custom Shop ‘60s Jazz Bass Pickup Set

Fender Custom Shop '60s Jazz Bass Pickups

From the house of Fender, these pickups are specifically designed for Jazz Bass guitars. Fender Custom Shop ‘60s Jazz Bass pickups are designed for providing mid-range tones.

If you are looking for more punch and bass, then you may choose to over wind the pickups and change the output to your desired level. The pickup set is outfitted with Special Alnico V magnets for superior performance. It also features Formvar magnet wire which allows the Jazz Bass guitar to produce thumping and growling sounds.

This passive pickup set comes with 4 strings and is available for multiple positions. The neck and bridge pickup set comes with all the hardware you require for mounting them. The set is able to give hum-free output in certain positions. This pickup set is recommended if you are looking for full bodied sounds.

Fender Custom Shop '60s Jazz Bass Pickups
  • Custom '60s jazz bass& pickups are patterned after vintage pickups but are overwound for more punch,...
  • Uses alnico 5 magnets and formvar magnet wire.
  • Sold in pairs only and includes all mounting hardware.

EMG JVX Bass Pickup Set

This powerful pickup set is especially suitable for stringing out classic J Bass tone. However, the pickups are equally good for producing modern tones as well. EMG JVX Bass Pickup Set features exposed pole pieces and is outfitted with an in-house X Series preamp.

The preamp helps in bridging the gap between active and passive feel and tones, giving you a wide range of output. It beautifully replicates the tones of vintage passive pickups but without the associated noises. If you are looking to play retro sounds or want to reproduce the faded attack associated with the offset pole pieces then EMG JVX Bass Pickup Set is designed just for you.

DiMarzio DP123 Model J Bass Pickup Set

Designed to produce warm and round sounds reminiscent of traditional Fender Jazz Bass guitar, this pickup set offers many other features such as hum cancellation as well. The resulting sounds are clear and retro at the same time. While these pickups are available in a set you may mix and match different pickups to produce even more diverse sounds.

The pickups are individually humbucking which has each coil picking up one pair of strings. This allows the sounds to be more tone clean as the resistance is kept down.
Both neck and bridge pickups featured in DiMarzio DP123 Model J Bass Pickup Set are of different size and are suitable for Fender Jazz Bass guitar which has similar neck and bridge pickup cavities. The pickups feature 4 conductor wiring and ceramic magnets to create warm and fat tones.

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