Perhaps the most wonderful thing to come into existence in the guitar world, are acoustic pickups. No, you don’t need to buy an acoustic electric guitar to amplify your axe when you can just install a pickup in the mouth of your guitar.

You’ll find there is also a wide array of them to choose from with price options varying from cheap-as-dirt to high-end. So no matter the purpose of your purchase, whether you’re playing small gigs or doing studio sessions, there will be something right for you.

However, in this review, we’re going to focus on five of what we consider to be the highest quality acoustic guitar pickups on the market.

Fishman Rare Earth Mic Blend

One of our top picks, this active pickup truly captures the tone of your guitar, and at the end of the day, that is what separates good pickups from bad ones. This pickup goes over the mouth of the guitar and sounds gorgeous.

From capturing lows to highs, it will not disappoint. And though it costs a lot, it is well worth it. Give it a try! I recommend listening to this video with quality headphones. You can really hear how well this pickup works. Really deep lows and clear highs. There are some great tips for getting the best sound in the comments as well.

LR Baggs M-80

Another incredible option in the high price/ high-value category is the LR Baggs M-80. This pickup allows you to easily switch from active to passive mode -- pretty cool, right?

It is supposedly capable of sensing the structure of the entire guitar, and as such, it adheres the unique sound of your instrument. If you want an expensive pickup that offers versatility and beautiful tone, try this one out.

LR Baggs Anthem

This is one of the best acoustic guitar pickups in existence. It has both a mic and a pickup. So If you want one of the cleanest, fullest sounds on the market, this is your ticket.

It really propels the unique sound of your instrument and has the ability to boost the low-end like few pickups out there. And it also lies on the inside of the guitar and curves around the mouth as to not obstruct sound, unlike many pickups that horizontally lay across the mouth. We highly recommend this hybrid pickup to anyone who wants to sound their best.

Seymour Duncan SA-6 Mag Mic

Another decent option, this is also a mic plus pickup combination. However, unlike the LR Baggs Anthem above, this one lays across the mouth of the guitar.

This is a good active pickup. A great one? Not so much. But this mid to mid/high-range option will get the job done. Expect lots of low end with this model.


EMG is one of those reliable brands that seems to always create high-quality pickups. They are known primarily for their electric guitar pickups, but this acoustic model is a force to be reckoned with.

This is the best acoustic guitar pickup for the money. You won’t spend a ton on this one, but it sings like the high-end pickups out there. You’ll get warmth, mids, and highs in perfect balance. We highly recommend you try out this one out before settling on anything else.

In conclusion,

If you want to sound at the top of your game, you’ll find that the pickups mentioned above will be your best bet. You can always pick yourself up a Seymour Duncan Woody XL or another cheap option if you want to plug in and play, but with pickups, you get what you pay for.

As with anything, we suggest that you watch review videos online to get the best possible understanding of these pickups before ordering one. Best of luck to you and enjoy the search!