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The AW-2 took over from the TW-1 in 1991. In addition to the regular Auto Wah effect it has a modulation effect that periodically shifts the sound. This make the variations numerous and it is known to be quite hard to adjust the sound the way you want it because of this. Use the “Manual” knob to adjust the frequency where the modulation Wah effect kicks in.

Boss Guitar Effects Guide Book vol.11 (1995):
The AW-2 delivers a wide variety of wah effects, including a dynamics sensitive picking wah that changes with your picking strength and a modulation wah for automatic wah over a cycle of modulation. There’s also an extra powerful wah that combines the two effects. With Manual control, you can set the frequency point of the wah effect to get exactly the sound you want.

AW-2 Auto Wah

Using the AW-2

  • For picking wah: This allows you to control the wah effect with string picking strength. Adjust the SENS control to match your guitar’s output level and playing style (Fig. 1: Rate -, Depth 0, Manual 0, Sens 4)
  • For modulation wah using MANUAL control: Use the MANUAL control to add a funky touch to the modulation wah. This setting is for when you want to add modulation wah in the low frequency range. (Fig. 2: Rate 6, Depth 5, Manual 0-3, Sens 0)
  • For a combination picking/modulation wah: For a wah effect that really stands out, use a setting that lets you use picking wah and modulation wah simultaneously. Adjust the SENS control so that modulation wah occurs during the decay of your sound. (Fig. 3: Rate 8, Depth 10, Manual 0, Sens 5)


  • Controls: Rate, Depth, Manual, Sens
  • Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
  • Current Draw: 15 mA (DC 9V)
  • Recommended AC Adaptor: PSA Series


  • Silver – Made In Taiwan

The AW-2 was sold from November 1991 to January 1999.