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GL-100 Guitar Driver

Boss Pocket Dictionary Vol. 6 (1989)

The GL-100 is a compact 1U rack-sized preamplifier which offers a selection of tones ranging from smooth and mellow jazz tones to heavy distortion and everything in between. Ideal for live performance use onstage with a guitar amp, direct to a mixing console, or for line-level record­ing applications, this versatile unit achieves an exceptional level of expressive control. The ability to produce an extensive range of tones with performance flexibility makes the GL-100 an ideal unit for today’s diverse musical styles.

Simulating the sound characteristics of renowned guitar amps

  • Through extensive research and analysis of the sound characteristics of a variety of popular large guitar amplifiers, BOSS developed a line driver circuit which has been incor­porated into the GL-100 to faithfully simulate these characteristics.
  • A switchable speaker simulation circuit produces output similar to the fat, solid sound reproduced by a guitar amp’s speakers, even when the GL-100 is connected directly to a mixer.
Boss GL-100 Guitar Driver

Two independent channels and nine preset modes

  • Two independent channels are provided along with nine preset tone modes that offer a selection of frequently used guitar tones. You can switch between the channels using the front panel or an optional footswitch (FS-5L). Channel 1’s Mode control is ideal for soloing with three powerful drive settings capable of reproducing “vintage tube amp” sounds, as well as two types of distortion. Channel 2’s Mode control is optimized for rhythm backing with four selectable tones. Equalization and volume settings can be used to further modify the preset tones.

Versatile and Simple to Operate

  • Minute sound adjustment is possible via the built-in parametric EQ, with 4-bands for Ch1 and 3-bands for Ch2.
  • Equipped with Effect Send/ Stereo Return jacks, as well as Buffer Out, Monitor Out, and XLR Balanced Out jacks.