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A time-travellers guide to the Boss SCC-700 Sound Control Center 

Way before programmable multi-effects processors, BOSS had an idea: “What if you could take seven BOSS compact pedal effects, turn them on or off automatically, and have a programmable audio router place them in various effects combinations.” Enter the SCC-700 Sound Control Center.

Made in 1982, the SCC-700 was way ahead of its time. The SCC-700B effects board allowed you to place seven BOSS compact pedals on the board and, with an audio switcher and computer control, store 32 memories of pedal on/off status and connection sequence. The SCC-700C foot controller then recalled the 32 memories on the effects board.

SCC-700 Sound Control Center

The SCC-700 paved the way for the BOSS multi-effects legacy starting with the GP-8 (Roland brand), the ME-5, and onto the current GT-6.