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So you have a couple step-down transformers laying around for things like this or you’d have to buy/make one? I’d like to see a picture of one, where they might be attainable, & how well they function as low-noise in a music setting.

You have like many hurdles then:
1. Finding vendor willing to ship internationally.
2. The actual premium of shipping internationally.
3. Import duty fees.
4. Exchange rate adding to the price.
5. Finally, the voltage differences from the U.S.

New Blackheart Amps Announced!

I feel for you mate. I wasn’t thinking about getting into the export business per se, but was considering helpin’ out a bud or two & buying for you then shipping it out. It seems as though there’s more to it than that.

I think I’ll call Loud Technologies & at least ask if they plan on dual-voltage support & international dealers. Hell, they’re an hour away from me.