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Boss Pocket Dictionary Vol. 5-6 (1988-1989)

The ME-5 Guitar Multiple Effects Processor is an achievement that was made possible by utilizing and integrating advanced BOSS technology to create the ideal guitar effects unit. The ME-5’s built-in effects include Compressor, Overdrive/Distortion, Equalizer, Chorus/Flanger, and Digital Reverb/Delay. Up to 64 different effect “patches” can be programmed and stored in the ME-5’s memory, each “patch” containing each effect’s On/Off setting as well as the parameter settings. Quick program changes can be easily made through the unit’s pedals. The ME-5 represents a guitarist s dream come true, combining all the most widely used effects in a ver­satile, easy-to-use configuration.

ME-5 Guitar Multiple Effects

A wide selection of the most popular effects

  • The ME-5 incorporates 8 different effects which were carefully selected to allow the guitarist to produce just about any effect desired
  • All the high-quality features of the BOSS professional effect units were carried over into the ME-5 For example, the digital reverb/delay employs 16-bit processing
  • A noise-suppressor function is also built-in to make sure operation is always noise-free
  • Quick and efficient creation of sounds
  • The ME-5’s flashing red LEDs indicate those effects that are being used as well as the parameters that are being set.
  • MIDI capability means more possibilities
  • MIDI In/Out jacks allow the ME-5 to be controlled by an external sequencer for performing automatic program changes, or to control external MIDI effects units. Effects Send and Return jacks are provided for connecting external effects which are not MIDI equipped
  • The Manual mode enables you control effects by assigning On/Off switching for each effect to the foot pedals
  • Connecting the EV-10 expression pedal offers foot-controlled sound volume control.
  • The Tuner Out jack enables direct connection of a tuner, and a headphone jack is provided for practicing.
  • The use of an FS-5U footswitch allows you to switch between any of 4 Patch Groups, each with 76 patches, or to switch to the Manual mode.