BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer|BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer

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The BX-16 16-channel Stereo Mixer is perfect for use with syn­thesizers, samplers, rhythm machines, sound modules, and other high quality devices equipped with multiple outputs. To meet the needs of today’s digital environment, the BX-16 mixer is designed with the utmost care towards sound quality and feature an external power supply system adapted from professional use mixers.

BX-16 16 Channel Stereo Mixer
  • The BX-16 features two separate Effects Send jacks and two separate Effects Return jacks, making it suitable for use with effects units such as digital reverb and digital delay which feature stereo outputs.
  • The output line level may be set to either + 4dBm or -10dBm using the output level switch.
  • RCA pin jacks enable direct connection to multi-track recorders.
  • Each channel includes a built-in Bass/Treble Equalizer, panning, and volume level controls for optimum control over your mix.