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I have developed a mod that puts a true bypass A/B switcher inside your Boss pedal. It utilizes a 4PDT mechanical switch, which replaces the factory on/off switch with no mods to the pedal (no holes to drill for this switch). A two-color LED that shows the status of the A/B loop (red = on, green = bypass)goes where the original LED is located. You can maintain stereo output (where applicable), and you can still use a battery if you wish. It is a simple design, but it is not a “beginners” project. You have to partially disassemble the pedal, access the circuit board, de-solder and jumper the FET switching parts so the circuit is always on, and put it all back together correctly. Good soldering skills are essential.

In operation, you step on the pedal just like normal, and the LED changes color to show you whether the effect is in or out of your signal path. I don’t want to modify pedals, I want to sell a kit with detailed instructions, photos and all parts necessary. What I’m requesting from people at this point is if the price is reasonable, and whether there is enough interest. I’m thinking it will be about $50.00. All components are of the highest quality available, and they are all engineered to fit comfortably in the case and function properly for the life of the pedal. It has been thoroughly field tested by guitarists in live stage situations for more than two years and there have been NO failures.
So, what would you get for your 50 bucks? The kit will include all parts needed, including some solder wick for de-soldering existing connections.

Boss true bypass mod

I am considering the option of an upgrade kit that would include Switchcraft jacks, but it would require slightly reaming the holes in the case to fit the new jacks, so I’m not sure about that yet. Let me know if you think it’s a desirable option. The kit will be partially pre-assembled: the 4PDT switch will be pre-wired using the factory colors. These wires will need to be trimmed to length and soldered to the jacks and circuit board. The LED will be pre-wired with the correct voltage drop resistor and factory colored wires. All solder lugs will be insulated with heat-shrink. It takes me, having done about 17 pedals, about four hours to complete. I would guess that with detailed instructions, photos and the pre-wired parts, it would take the same amount of time for you to do it. Again, this is an advanced project due to the “invasive” nature of the mod, so some skill is required.

Please let me know what you think about this; there is a large DIY community out there, and I hope this is something people will want to do. I will shortly post photos of a couple of my pedals so you can check it out.