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RSD-10 Digital Sampler/Delay

Boss Micro Studio Series Vol.1, 1986:

Digital Sampler with 2 Octave Plus Range and Controllable Dynamics
The RSD-10 digital effects unit incorporates a sampling function as well as a delay function in a single body. Used in the Sampler mode, 2 octaves and more of scale can be produced as well as a duration of up to 2 seconds for the sampled sound. With an innovative circuit to control pitch with audio signals in a different manner to both MIDI and CV/GATE, the RSD-10 will transform any synthesizer into a sampling keyboard just as you would connect an effects unit. Depending on the synthesizer it is used with, a wide range of effects such as dynamics, pitch bending, modulation, portamento, attack and decay times, can be controlled. What’s even more attractive is that the RSD-10 is not restricted for use with synthesizers alone, but can be used with a drum pad (optional BP-1) rhythm machine and pedal switch. In the Digital Delay mode, a 2ms delay to an ultra-long delay of up to 2000ms can be obtained. To top things off, the RSD-10’s 12-bit digital system in tandem with the noise reduction system ensures sound that’s clear and free of noise.


To select between the delay and sampler modes. In the delay mode, you can choose 1 of the 5 delay time ranges while the sampler mode lets you select from autorecording, manual recording, gate- or trigger-generated sampling effects.

When the unit is in the delay mode this will enable you to fine-adjust the amount of delay time. When the RSD-10 is used as a sampler, this control will adjust the playback sound pitch.

BOSS RSD-10 Digital Sampler/Delay

Operative only when the unit is in the sampler mode, this allows you to vary the tail-end or the latter part of the playback sound to cut off any unnecessary portion of the sound.

For selecting the number of repeats desired when the unit is in the delay mode and for adjusting the level of overdubbing when the RSD is in the sampler mode.

For controlling the proportion or ratio of the direct sound to the effect (delay or sampled) sound.

Point Of Performance
With the RSD-10, you are free to utilize any sound that’s available to aid you in creating new sounds. The RSD-10 frees you from any restrictions – you can produce a human voice from a synthesizer, sample the shriek of a tire and create truly special effects by over-dubbing. No matter what sound you create, it is essential to produce that sampled sound with a high S/N ratio. You can make sure your sampled sound preserves a high S/N ratio by setting the LEVEL switch to a point just before the input overload indicator lights up. If you’re trying to pick up a sound with a microphone, a preamplifier is needed (RPQ-10 etc.), but a cassette deck in the Recording Standby mode will also serve to preamplify the signal If the same sound is to be used repeatedly, it is advisable to put the sound on tape. In addition, other effects such as sound-on-sound may be initiated by setting ultra-long delay times of up to 2000ms.

Trick & Shock
In the Sampler mode, turn the FINE/PITCH to adjust the pitch of the sampled sound. This will allow you to create effects which are just like sweeping the sound source. The Fig. shows a down-sweep setting. Rotate the knob clockwise to raise the sound’s pitch and sweep up. Electronic drum pitch sweep sounds are simple to create too. Please be aware that this control will not function if a keyboard is connected to the unit.