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The DSD-2 is a combined Digital Delay and Sampler pedal. The Delay has two modes, S and L. In S mode it is variable between 50ms and 200ms. In L mode it is variable between 200ms and 800ms. The technology is similar to the DD-2 and they are in fact sharing the same internal chip. When used as a sampler, two modes are available: Play and Rec/Play. In the play mode, a recorded sample sound can be recalled whenever the pedal is depressed or when an external trigger is fed to the DSD-2. In the Rec/Play mode, a new sound can be recorded while a previously recorded sound is being replayed. Recording and replay is archived simultaneously while the pedal is depressed. The sampling time is limited to a maximum of 0.8 seconds.

Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay


  • Controls: E.Level, F.Back, Delay Time, 4-way Mode switch
  • Connectors: Input, Trig. In, Output, AC Adaptor
  • Current Draw: 55 mA (DC 9V)
  • Delay Time: 50 to 200ms in S Mode, 200 to 800ms in L mode
  • PCM System: 12-bit plus analog logarithm compression
  • Sampling mode:
  • Frequency Response: Sample/Delay 40Hz to 7kHz (+1/-3 dB), Direct 10Hz to 60kHz (+1/-3 dB)
  • Recommended AC Adaptor: PSA Series


  • Blue – Made In Japan

The DSD-2 was sold from April 1985 to August 1986.