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RCL-10 Compressor Limiter

Boss Micro Studio Series Vol.1, 1986:

4 Different High-Performance Functions Integrated Into a Single Unit.
The RCL-10 Compressor/Limiter is a dynamics processor integrating the functions of a compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate into its compact dimensions. A high-performance VCA makes possible a very high S/N ratio with low distortion to ensure your sound stays clean without distortion. The compressor will even out the levels of sounds with wide dynamic ranges, while the limiter will just compress input peaks, thus reducing distortion. The expander function acts to expand or increase dynamic range, for those times when sound with great dynamics is required. The independent ATTACK TIME and RELEASE TIME controls allow the user to make very fine adjustments to achieve the exact effect he seeks. The noise gate function keeps noise down when nothing is being played. There’s also a key in jack for producing a gate echo effect when the unit is combined with a reverb.CONTROLS


THRESHOLD: For selecting the level of the signal at which compression/limiting will be activated.RATIO: This adjusts the ratio of compression. Setting this control determines whether the RCL-10 will function as a compressor, limiter or expander.
ATTACK: For adjusting the amount of time before compression/expansion/limiting comes into play.
RELEASE: For setting the time till the desired point of release.


THRESHOLD: For selecting a point beyond which the input signal will noise-gated.
DECAY: For adjusting the time it takes for the input signal to decay and fade out.
OUTPUT LEVEL: This will adjust the level of the compressed/limited signal being output.

BOSS RCL-10 Compressor Limiter

Point Of Performance
Because the RCL-10 incorporates the 4 different functions of compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate, it is important that the user fully understands each function and effectively uses each function. In Fig. 1, the relationship between the threshold level and ratio is shown when employing the RCL-10 as a compressor/limiter/expander. As shown here, just the signal which exceeds the threshold level is compressed or expanded, depending on your particular requirement. It is important to note that compressors and expanders generally shape the sound in a total manner, so care should be taken to set the THRESHOLD and RATIO controls at low settings. But when the RCL-10 is used as a limiter to squash input peaks, set the THRESHOLD and RATIO controls to higher levels. Fig. 2 illustrates the principles of a noise gate where any signal lower than the set threshold level is muted, thus keeping noise away from the music. In the noise gate mode, the best method of use is to set the DECAY TIME to obtain a natural decay effect. With Fig. 3, you see the setting for use as a limiter, perfect for preventing distortion during recording and for eliminating undesired input peaks for chopper bass playing.

Trick & Shock
Through the Key In jack, the unit’s gain can be controlled by an external audio signal, therefore allowing a variety of special effects to be created with the RCL-10. An example is to connect a tape recorder to the input jack and control the recorded music with a guitar or keyboard linked to the Key In jack. In this way the music can be played back only when the notes with signals higher than the set level are played to trigger the recorded music. In this way, “scratch” effects are easily produced.