There are some pretty decent amps in the under $200 price bracket, but if you can stretch your budget to $300, you can expect quite a few cool upgrades.

Who needs a $300 amp?

Once you’ve mastered the basics of playing solo at home, you’ll undoubtedly want to move onto playing a few gigs either alone or with a band. Although you can get yourself a good small practice amp for a couple of hundred bucks and probably play in quiet coffee shops or very compact venues, if you are intending to move on up to bigger things, it makes sense to shell-out a little more cash if you can.

Also, if you play in a band with drums, vocals, and keyboards, you’re going to need something that packs enough punch to get you heard above everyone else! This especially applies to you if you play acoustic.

Investing in an amp in the sub $300 range will mean that you will only buy once, rather than having to upgrade too soon. Spending a little more now will save you money in the long-term!

So what do you get for $300?

First and foremost, a $300 amp will get you more power and therefore more volume than a cheaper one. Most $300 amps will provide 100 watts of power or even more. An amp with this capability will be suitable for stage use, while still being perfectly practical for home rehearsals, recording, and jamming with friends.

In addition, you’ll find a few decent tube amps in this price segment if that’s your preference, as well as a big range of great combos.

Our Method

We’ve reviewed 6 of the very best amps that you can buy for under $300. All these amps are available via the handy one-click “Check Price” link to each one that we’ve thoughtfully included!

While you’re there, check out what other purchasers think of their chosen amp; the good, the bad, and the ugly. And view each amp’s full range of features so that you can make an easy comparison and an informed choice.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Best Guitar Amps Under $300

Vox AV15 15w 1×8-Inch Analog Valve Modeling Guitar Amplifier

Although Vox is known for their superb quality tube amps, their Vox AV15 certainly packs a punch in a unique way!

The AV15 is a tube-based fully-featured analog amp. It’s pretty unique in design and functionality and is certainly one of the best amps you can buy for less than $300.

The Vox AV15 is perfect for home and studio use, as well as packing enough power for gigging in small venues. The amp’s tube-based, multi-circuit analog preamp gives you a complete range of overdrive, high gain, clean, and crunch tonality.

Easily customize your sound via the “bright” and “fat” switches, and crank out these classic tones through a customizable tube with analog power section. The unique sealed speaker enclosure provides beautiful resonance, and digital analog-voiced effects, including reverb, delay, and chorus round out the feature.

Whatever your preferred playing style, the Vox AV15 is a brilliant recording, practice, and performance amp that will take your sound to new levels.

The reviewers’ verdict

Over 80% of Amazon purchasers gave this amp over 4.5 stars.

Enthusiastic praise was given to the tone of this amp, even at low volume. Buyers loved the built-in effects and voted this amp perfect for practicing, recording, and gigging.

Marshall Code 50 – 50-watt 1×12″ Digital Combo Amp

Marshall are the undoubtedly one of the most legendary names where amps are concerned. And with a tasty 50 watts of raw power on offer, this digital combo amp won’t disappoint fans of the iconic brand!

A combination of authentic modeling of contemporary and classic Marshall tones with fully programmable, professional quality FX, CODE power amp, speaker cabinet, and preamp models have been used to create Marshall-Softube (MST). With MST technology you can experience a recreation of classic and contemporary Marshall products and much more besides.

CODE gives you no fewer than 14 MST preamps, 8 MST speaker cabs, and 4 MST power amps. The mind-blowing 24 FX includes:

  • Tremolo
  • Pitch shifter
  • Phaser
  • Flanger
  • Compressor
  • Classic stomp box distortions
  • Chorus
  • Auto-wah

And if all that isn’t enough to float your boat, the CODE also provides delays with tap tempo and studio-quality reverbs. The CODE’s MST preamps allow you to recreate some of the best-loved, iconic Marshall tones, including:

  • JVM410H
  • JTM45 2245
  • JCM800 2203
  • JCM2000 DSL100
  • JCM 25555 Silver Jubilee
  • 1962 Bluesbreaker
  • 1959SLP Plexi

All this, together with multiple power amp voicing and MST speaker cab models gives you enough tone and effects scope to create any sound you want.

For the ultimate in convenience and versatility, control CODE via Bluetooth and stream music from Android devices or iOS via the Gateway app. Use CODE via the USB connection as a DAW interface to stream audio from your computer and to record.

And for the ultimate practice jamming sessions, connect your MP3 player via CODE’s dedicated audio input or play through headphones for a totally private experience. Use the programmable foot controller to assign up to 30 control panel functions or presets.

The reviewers’ verdict

Not surprisingly, over 90% of Amazon reviewers award the Marshall CODE50 a rating of over 4.5 stars

The overwhelming consensus is that this amp sounds just like an actual tube amp, but with far greater versatility and with a gobsmackingly low price tag! Tones are light and loud, and you can share your own personal creations with others online.

Whether you’re a keen beginner or a more experienced muso, you can’t go wrong with this classic amp!

Orange Crush 35RT – 35W 1×10″ Guitar Combo Amp

The Orange Crush 35RT guitar combo amp may not have the iconic name of others in this price bracket, but it does offer plenty for the money. With highly-responsive overdrive, gut-punching tones, and detailed saturation, the 35RT will not disappoint!

The Crush 35RT features two easy-to-use foot-switchable channels, giving you enormous, wide-ranging tones reminiscent of old-school guitar amps. And that’s not all!

Orange’s innovative CabSim circuitry, which emulates all the muscle you’d expect from an Orange 4 x 12” cab through the headphone output, as well as reverb and an online tuner are included! And a low-impedance, fully-buffered effects loop!

The amp provides 35 watts of solid state power and has two channels. This impressive piece of kit pumps out great tone through its 1 x 10” Orange Voice of the World speaker system. Control your tone and sound through the amp’s 3-band EQ, gain, and built-in digital reverb.

The reviewer’s verdict

82% of Amazon purchasers who reviewed the Orange Crush 35RT gave this amp 4.5 stars plus.

Good points that came in for praise include the fact that Orange have produced a simple, effective solid state amp, without trying to cram in too many “half-baked features.” Players like the fully adjustable dirty channel and the rich signature sound it produces, enhanced by the EFX loop.

There were a couple of minor gripes re the dirty channel and its lack of definition at the lower gain when light to medium distortion is all that the amp produces. However, this criticism does seem to depend on the style you like to play and the guitar you’re using.

Roland CUBE-ST Cube Street Battery-powered Guitar Combo Amplifier

If you’re looking for a fully portable amp that gives you more flexibility and versatility than your average bargain basement battery-operated piece of kit, look no further than the Roland CUBE.

The CUBE is ideal for you if you travel to rehearsals and lessons, or if you’re a street or festival player. With this amp, you don’t have to worry about lack of volume, thanks to its dual digital power amps and two high performance neodymium speakers! And you won’t suddenly find yourself fading out; the CUBE can run for up to 15 hours on 6 AA alkaline batteries – impressive!

Despite its compact dimensions, the CUBE Street is made up of 8 different amps and is capable of capturing every sound from modern metal stacks to tube-driven blues classics.

Bonus features include a built-in chromatic tuner and 2 digital effects processors! In addition to the amp models, you have the choice of no fewer than 6 of Roland’s famous effects for an even richer sound.

Full portability is assured through the CUBE’s dual-channel architecture and mic input, enabling you to play guitar and sing through one amp. Roland have even given you reverb and a delay devoted to the mic/line channel.

Although Roland products are renowned for their reliability and durability, they have included a one year free extended warranty with this amp so you don’t have to worry if you do experience problems.

The reviewers’ verdict

A full 100% of Amazon purchasers who invested in this amp gave the Roland CUBE a 5 star rating!

The overall verdict is that it’s a great battery-powered amp that can be used for electric/acoustic guitar and drum machine performances at festivals and on-street. The amp’s built like a tank, sounds great, and the batteries last forever! ‘Nuff said!

Fishman Loudbox Mini 60W Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

Fishman pickup systems have gained worldwide acclaim for their accurate, warm sound, and their amps are created with that same sense of musicality. This, and the quality construction of their products makes Fishman the go-to amp for the serious acoustic guitarist.

The Loudbox Mini belies its light, portable construction, delivering a powerful 60 watts of raw power and fabulous, clean acoustic tone through a 6.5” woofer and 1” soft-dome tweeter.

Two channels feature Fishman’s legendary tone and preamp control designs. The amp’s instrument channel provides digital reverb and chorus, and the mic channel also has reverb. The Loudbox Mini has a balanced XLR D.I. output and an AUX input, so you can play along with your favorite artistes and record your own performance.

The reviewers’ verdict

Amazon rate this as their personal choice of acoustic guitar amp in the under $300 price range.

Independent Amazon purchasers also love Fishman’s amp, with over 90% of reviewers awarding it over 4.5 stars.

Guitarists who play in a band often complain that their softer acoustic sound gets drowned out by drums, bass, electric lead guitar, and vocals. But there’s no such problem with this amp!

The Fishman allows both guitar and vocals to be routed through the amp to the PA via the separate line-out for both channels. The sound the amp produces is applauded as very natural and not sounding at all digital.

One small complaint is that the Tolex covering on this amp tears very easily. After just a few gigs, your new amp quickly assumes a rather weathered appearance. However, this doesn’t bother most reviewers, as the superb sound quality the amp produces is unaffected.

BEHRINGER Ultracoustic ACX900

Near to the top of your $300 budget, you’ll find the Behringer Ultracoustic ACX900. If you’re looking for a top-quality acoustic guitar amp for practicing and for use at small gigs, look no further!

The Behringer pumps out 90 watts of power through two channels – more than sufficient for playing acoustic instruments and for vocals at most venues and certainly enough for home practice!

Ultimate sound reproduction is achieved through 2 original 8” Bugera dual-cone speakers. Two fully-integrated digital FX processors give you multiple effects, including modulation, delay, and reverb.

Anyone who plays small church halls, clubs, and bars will be all-too familiar with the perils of dodgy acoustics and resultant feedback. But you won’t have to worry about such issues with the Behringer. This amp’s revolutionary FBQ feedback detection system instantly highlights critical frequencies, saving you time when setting up your gear and preventing those dreaded chalk-down-blackboard moments in the middle of your set!

The amp has 2 mic and instrument channels with individual compressor, FX, and gain controls. There’s also a 7-band graphic EQ on each channel for truly amazing sound shaping. Both channels have a tuner switch that allows you to silence the speakers while you tune your guitar via an external tuning device, which you can connect directly to the amp via the “tuner out” jack on the back panel of the amp.

There are plenty of insert points for instruments, a mic, and your external effects devices. In addition, a CD input allows you to jam along to tracks you’re learning. There’s a stereo XLR line out with a ground lift switch that allows you to connect directly to your mixing console. The dual footswitch is included to accommodate FX 1 and 2 bypass when required.

The reviewers’ verdict

All in all, people who bought the Behringer Ultracoustic loved it, with over 85% awarding an impressive 4.5 stars plus.

What impressed most was the clarity of sound produced and the absolute silence of the amp itself!

Some found the effects a little below average, but if you’re looking for a good acoustic amp with non-effected sound, this sensibly priced option is the way to go.

Is an entry-level amp worth it?

If you can get $300 together to buy your new amp, you really do get a lot for your hard-earned cash.

Each and every one of the amps we’ve reviewed in this guide will provide you with a huge amount of performance and some really eye-catching features for what’s still a budget price.