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Fender Lead III

A reissue of a past model, the Lead III from Fender features two split-able humbucker pickups and a smaller body. See how this new model compares to the rest of the lineup in this detailed review.

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Gibson Slash Les Paul

Complete review and features breakdown of the Gibson Les Paul Slash Edition. See how this new model differs from the standard Les Paul in this weeks breakdown.

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Fender Broadcaster

The guitar that started it all, the Broadcaster, was released 70 years ago. Fender was forced to change the name after a lawsuit with CBS, the rest is history. See how this retro guitar stacks up against the classics in this detailed review.

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Fender American Original 60’s Telecaster

A recreation of the original 1960’s era Telecaster, the Fender American 60’s Telecaster is true to the era. See all features and specs for this guitar as well as how it sounds in this detailed review.

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Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Gibson is breathing life into the Epiphone brand. For much less than a Gibson Les Paul, you can get an Epiphone Les Paul custom. See how it sounds in this in depth review.

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Fender Alternate Reality Electric XII

Review of the new Alternate Reality Electric XII by Fender. See how this 12 string electric guitar stacks up against other similar models and hear how it sounds in this detailed review.

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Fender HM Strat Limited Edition

Fender has re-released the HM Strat in a limited edition run for 2020. These Strats were originally released in the 1980’s, but did not sell well. See how these stack up against Ibanez in this in depth review.

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Fender Tom Morello Stratocaster

Check out the Tom Morello Statocaster electric guitar by Fender which includes custom pickups and a toggle switch. This guitar is just like the guitar he played in Audioslave, and is now available to help you expand your tonal horizons

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Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS

Complete review of Squier’s Bullet Stratocaster with the Humbucker bridge pickup. See if this guitar is worth the money in this in depth breakdown and review.

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Squier Affinity Telecaster

The Best Cheap Telecaster? Detailed review of the Squier Affinity Telecaster. See how this guitar stacks up against others at this low price point.

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Best Metal Guitars

See our ratings for the best metal guitars. Learn what electric guitars are best for shredding bodacious metal riffs.

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