Stand By Me is in the key of A. The chords you will need to play Stand By Me are:

  • A
  • F#m
  • D
  • E

Here are the chord charts.

Here is the tab for the bass line intro, which is fun to play and it lets everyone at the bbq know you are about to belt out a classic!


e|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------| D|-4-----4--------|-4-----4----4---| A|------------7---|--------------7-| E|----------------|----------------|
e|---------------|-----------------| B|---------------|-----------------| G|---------------|-----------------| D|-------------4-|---------------6-| A|-5----5----5---|-7-----7-----7---| E|---------------|-----------------|
e|----------------|----------------| B|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------| D|-7-----7------6-|-7-----7------6-| A|------------7---|------------7---| E|----------------|----------------|

Here are the lyrics with the chords placed over the words where the chord changes take place. The strum pattern is sort of a down, down , down up pattern. You can do a little percussive upstroke in between the dirst two downstrokes. If you are playing unaccompanied, it can be a nice touch to have some percussive strumming to fill the gaps and provide a little rhythm to the song.

Verse 1

A When the night has come F#m And the land is dark D E A And the moon is the only light we'll see A No, I won't be afraid, F#m No, I won't be afraid D E A Just as long as you stand, stand by me.


A So, darlin, darlin, stand... by me, F#m Ohh, stand by me. D E A Ohh, stand, stand by me, A Stand by me.

Verse 2

A If the sky that we look upon F#m Should tumble and fall D E A Or the mountain should crumble in the sea, A I won't cry, I won't cry, F#m No, I won't shed a tear D E A Just as long as you stand, stand by me.


A And darlin, darlin, stand... by me, F#m Oh, stand by me. D E A Oh, stand now, stand by me, A Stand by me.

Orchestra Part

A F#m D E A (Play this twice)


A So, darling, darling, stand by me, F#m Oh, stand by me. D E Oh, stand now, stand by me, A Stand by me. A F#m Whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me, ohh, stand by me D E A Ohh, stand now, ohh, stand, stand by me